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Soccer Maze

Soccer Maze

Solve the maze challenge and successfully send the ball straight into the Soccer Maze goal to win points. Choose the direction of the ball and obstruct your opponent's route. Begin the game in either single-player or two-player mode. Each encounter has its own distinct appeal. A labyrinth route with several interlaced twists appears. The aim at hand is to rapidly watch and guide the ball on a quick, short path to the opponent's goal. You will gain one point for each goal that you successfully score. Only when your score is higher than your opponent's will you easily win and unlock the next level of challenge.

Playing tip

  • There is a selection mode that allows you to practice ahead of time by playing against CPU opponents. Inviting your friends to participate in the challenge will allow you to learn about the differences between the two modes.
  • Quick reflexes are a condition that increases the likelihood of success while moving the ball.
  • You should monitor the lines in the maze that run straight to the goal to have a better success rate of receiving points.

How To Play

Player 1: control = left and right arrow keys; kick the ball = enter key

Player 2: control = A and D keys; shoot the ball = space key

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