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Ride Shooter

Ride Shooter

The wave of zombies is strongly penetrating the Ride Shooter world. Can you easily survive in an incredible vehicle while shooting the targets surrounding the vehicle? Master the wheel and travel through areas full of threats. Aim and shoot accurately at high speed to quickly defeat each wave of zombies. Train good reflexes to make an accurate shot at the target. Equip your vehicle with protective weapons and all kinds of armor to ensure you get to a safe place. Fly powerful helicopters and repel all threats. 

Impressive features

  • Practice improving vehicle control skills combined with using guns to aim and shoot.
  • Diverse and flexible spaces provide exciting gaming challenges.
  • The well-built 3D graphics provide good effects, and the sound every time you shoot increases the excitement.

How To Play

Use a combination of WASD keys and a mouse to perform character navigation and vehicle control.

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