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Hoard Master

Hoard Master

Welcome to the extremely addictive Hoard Master arcade game, where you control a bottomless black hole that sucks in all the stick figures in your path. There are several interesting levels, and for each level, you need to clear the stickmen. Do not suck up the obstacles or bombs, or the mission will fail. Reach the destination and unlock the next level.

Everything is smokeable, and no one can stop you! If you're looking for fun games, look no further. Instantly control a black hole without limits. 

Outstanding features

  • Move the black hole in a straight line with obstacles and stickmen.
  • Move flexibly to avoid bombs or obstacles, successfully suck in all the stickmen, and expand the size of the black hole.
  • Beautiful and eye-catching 3D graphics with bright, dynamic colors.

How To Play

Control it with your mouse to navigate the skillfully moving black hole. Unlock many diverse levels and experience the fun.

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