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Head Shot Super League

Head Shot Super League

Welcome to the world of Head Shot Super League! The game is the ideal blend of fun, excitement, and competition. You can play either friendly or tournament matches in the game. You can use your head to control the ball and beat your opponent. The game is designed to be simple to learn but tough to master. You must use your abilities and strategies to win the game.


  • Fantasy world: Set in a fantasy world where you can form your own team and compete against other teams. You can select your squad members and modify their appearance. As you continue through the game, you will be able to unlock additional players and improve your team.
  • Compete in tournaments: Tournaments are intended to be both tough and enjoyable. To win the event, you will need to rely on your abilities and strategies. The game also offers leaderboards where you can see where you stand in comparison to other players.
  • Stunning graphics and effects: The game includes stunning graphics and great sound effects that will transport you to a real stadium. When converting into a player, you can sense the ambiance and mood thanks to the excellent design.

How To Play

In Head Shot Super League, you can control the ball with your head. You can maneuver your player by tilting the device or using the on-screen buttons. To control the ball, you must hit it with your head and aim it towards the opposing goal.

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