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Dino Jump

Dino Jump

Are you ready for a fascinating adventure in the prehistoric world? Dino Jump is an intriguing creation from Pixeljam, the creators of the legendary Dino Run. Players are welcome to explore diverse biomes in this interesting and nostalgic gaming experience. Navigate your ancient beast of choice-Baby Rex, Pterodactyl, or Parasaur-through an unending escape. Players must demonstrate their leaping and flying abilities while avoiding harmful hazards along the way. Prepare to feel the excitement of a prehistoric adventure like you've never felt before!

Travel through time

Prepare to travel back in time to an era when huge beasts roamed the Earth as you enter the beautiful world of Dino Jump. From rich primeval forests to enormous deserts and perilous volcanic terrain, there is something for everyone. Each biome has a new set of challenges as well as spectacular vistas to pique your interest.

The gameplay is straightforward but appealing

Steering from the charming Baby Rex, agile Pterodactyl, or strong Parasaur, players must use their skill and quick reflexes. With each smooth jump and flight, overcome the ever-changing terrain. You'll feel a rush of adrenaline as you walk through small tunnels and jump over obstacles.

Characters with distinguishing qualities

Choose your prehistoric buddies wisely, as each has their own distinct personality and talents. Baby Rex excels in fast movements and agile jumps due to its agility and quickness. The Pterodactyl, on the other hand, takes to the skies smoothly, allowing players to soar above obstacles and cover greater distances. Meanwhile, the Parasaur's tough build provides a blend of strength and resilience. Making it excellent for traversing rocky terrain.

Beautiful pixel art

Immerse yourself in amazing pixel art that vividly depicts the primordial world. Beautiful scenery, active obstacles, and enthralling character movements. With cheery tunes, the compelling soundtrack adds to the immersive experience.

How To Play

Uncover secret goodies and get new powers. Plan your strategy for overcoming progressively challenging barriers. The ever-changing difficulties and the search for mastery will captivate you. Compete with friends and others from all over the world to reach the top of the leaderboards. Control using the arrow keys or the on-screen menu button.

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