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Basketball Dig

Basketball Dig

Basketball Dig has numerous sophisticated features that make it more intriguing, thanks to its unique blend of basketball and digging. To score points in this game, dig in the sand and throw the ball. But wait, there's more! To acquire better views, you can teleport to different parts of the court. This feature brings the game to a whole new level of strategy.

A fascinating feature

The bomb is another interesting aspect of Basketball Dig. Bombs can be used to destroy obstacles or clear a path to the basket. This ability comes in handy when you're in a tight spot and need to get out quickly.

The game has another amazing feature: barrels. The barrel can be used to stop your opponent's shot or to construct a barrier around the hoop. This function is excellent for defense and can assist you in winning the game.

Then there are kicks. Game has a unique feature that lets you kick the ball instead of throwing it. This capability comes in handy whether you need to capture a quick shot or are in a challenging position.

How To Play

You will need three stars to unlock extra rewards and purchase exclusive new skins. A mouse or a touchscreen device can be used. If you are playing on a computer, use the left mouse button to dig into the sand.

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