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Air Hockey Cup

Air Hockey Cup

The Air Hockey Cup brings you an exciting ice sports experience in an innovative format. Use table tennis and hockey rules. Accompany your teammates to put the ball into the opponent's goal to score. Each team will have five members arranged in different positions according to the rules. The team leading the score within the regulation period will win the match.


  • The game has a beautiful winter setting that matches the typical atmosphere of December.
  • Red and cool blue combined create an attractive artistic picture.
  • Only if your team leads before the end of the two-minute period will your team win.
  • It is necessary to have a strategy and choose a position to play the ball to both defend and attack the opponent.

How To Play

Drag the mouse to create angle and strength for each shot. Time is limited, so the quicker you solve it, the closer you will be to reaching the trophy. AI opponents are truly a challenge to conquer.

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