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Immediately proceed to play, which is another interesting IO game. Grow worms and use your skills to get stronger than everyone else in the area. Right away, you will see a nice field full of worms of different colors and types. Powerful colored stones are also found in food. Strength can be built through steady, deep growth. Surround your opponent and collect the energy that is left as it goes off.

Impressive features

  • Colored energies appear scattered to collect.
  • Collecting power-ups spread out across the map will help you stay alive for a long time.
  • To keep yourself safe, don't touch rival worms directly.

Tips to win

  • Be ready to defeat your opponents when you collect enough energy and have strength
  • There are advanced tuning options that can be used to make the worm stronger.
  • Changing your skin color is also a great way to hide when you're fighting.

How To Play

Get to the top of the area and use the mouse to move the snake and eat food.

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