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WorldCup 2022 FK

WorldCup 2022 FK

WorldCup 2022 FK is an exciting global football tournament with the participation of 32 national teams competing in a knockout format. Your team is in a position to easily be eliminated from the group stage competition. Therefore, choose a team and perform penalty shootouts to score goals. Defeat your opponents, turn the situation around, and win a ticket to advance to the next round. Ready to conquer the prestigious cup in this exciting match.

Realistic competition simulation

The game really provides an engaging and realistic experience under pressure when taking penalty kicks. The two teams will take turns performing, but to win, they need absolute victory. Do not let any shot be hit or blocked. Need to successfully overcome the defense barrier and win points before the opponent. The higher the accuracy rate, the closer your chance of winning.

Impressive features

  • Players can easily choose their favorite character to accompany them on the journey to conquer their dream of reaching the prestigious cup.
  • Observe the position of the opponent's defense line and the direction of the goalkeeper's fall to create a path for the ball to move.
  • The exciting atmosphere on the field will further ignite your spirit to conquer the task well.

How To Play

Easy, intuitive control with the mouse when pointing the directions for the ball to move.

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