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World Soccer Physics

World Soccer Physics

Choose your favorite national team and defend the goal against your opponents in the thrilling World Soccer Physics challenge. Make your goal ahead of your opponent and score 5 points to win. Really easy gameplay with intuitive controls that are appropriate for all audiences. Learn the wonderful game of soccer while also mastering character-control techniques. Defeat all opponents and remain the reigning champion of this thrilling soccer genre.

How To Play

Three game modes allow for entertaining cross-training. Choose one of three modes: single player, two players, or two players plus. The game incorporates more appealing and inventive gameplay based on the two-player genre. Impressive color visuals mixed with a lively atmosphere in the spectators cheering on the players' zeal.

  • Player 1: Move and jump with the up arrow keys.
  • Player 2: Control character actions quickly using the w key.

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