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Sketch Dunk

Sketch Dunk

Sketch Dunk opens up a new way to play by keeping the ball in the air and getting it into the basket. Perform consecutive actions so that the ball passes through multiple goalposts at the same time. The game is a new combination of the famous Flappy Bird gameplay and the famous basketball game. The task is as simple as tapping the screen to keep the ball constantly moving. The more baskets you go through, the higher the score you get. The record can be surpassed, so play it a lot. The ball is continuously held to prevent it from falling and touching the floor. You will not be bored by this unique new game.


  • The game performs simple operations by touching the screen to keep the ball moving.
  • The basket posts have different distances and uneven heights.
  • Keep the ball going as long as possible to create a high-scoring record.

How To Play

Click to move the ball forward and into the basket.

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