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Real Parkour Simulator

Real Parkour Simulator

Let's continue to record new journeys to fascinating fantasy spaces with new surprises in the Real Parkour Simulator. The journey to conquer the world of parkour continues to be another stop for fans. Take advantage of opportunities and skills to win missions and become a master in the adventure genre. You will get lost on the map, where there are obstacles everywhere. Surely, only after passing it can we get to the next planet. The key to success lies in the following factors: time, reflexes, and acumen. Do not let the character fall into the abyss, or the mission will definitely fail. Aim for victory and strive harder for challenges. 

The journey is simple but full of threats

During most of the moving process, vigilance needs to be enhanced. Be careful with every move. If you make a mistake, you will definitely need to start the journey again. The more you play, the easier it is to accumulate a lot of experience. Unlock power-ups to increase your chances of deeper exploration of hidden secrets.

How To Play

Traveling through areas and observing is easy using the mouse and WASD keys. Jump onto support points easily via the space key. The journey to victory is ready for you to conquer. Only when you understand clearly how to move and the rules will you easily achieve success.

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