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Pokey Balls

Pokey Balls

Aim for the highest pitch to unlock the next level of Pokey Balls. Fix the ball at one point and throw it back to reach maximum height. The higher the ball, the higher the score received. Many rewards are available at fifty different levels. Avoid all obstacles to opening the treasure chest.

The game is suitable when you are looking for something to entertain. The gameplay is simple; just do it once, and you will easily master it. Control the ball well and predict the key point to create a strong rebound for the ball. Beautiful 3D graphics make you satisfied with both visuals and gameplay. Take the challenge and see if you can easily succeed in just one play and pass the level.

How To Play

Drag the mouse to choose a position to hold the ball and prepare for the throw. The stronger the throwing force, the better the rebound of the ball.

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