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Obby Minecraft Ultimate

Obby Minecraft Ultimate

Obby Minecraft Ultimate promises to deliver challenging parkour experiences on various platforms. Jump across Minecraft-style 3D levels full of obstacles. Make daring jumps and avoid falling into the lava. Control your character from the first-person perspective as you progress through 35 various levels. Jump across blazing lava, balance on narrow beams above the sea, and gather as many rectangular gold coins as possible. You can spend your loot to purchase new skins for your character from the menu. Prove your quick reflexes by taking on more difficult stages!

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys, WASD, or touch-screen buttons to guide your character through the levels and to the purple goal portal.
  • Use the spacebar to move from platform to platform and overcome obstacles.
  • The bottom panel of the playing field displays your remaining lives. If you connect with spikes or any other trap, you will lose a heart. If you run out of hearts or crash, the level will reset.

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