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Minicars Soccer

Minicars Soccer

Expect new football rule with Minicars Soccer, a game that uses cars to move the big ball. A sequel to an exciting 2-player game has been released. Choose a vehicle with a suitable size for convenient transportation. The car model is different, so the speed and ability to control the car vary depending on the model. Balls also come in large, medium, or small sizes. The player who wins the game reaches five points first.

The car will be difficult to control when you first start playing. However, with just a little practice, you can master it. Prevent your opponent from bringing the ball near your goal area. Attack as soon as you get the chance. Score in control, so be proactive.

How to play

Player 1: It is easy to move the car with just the arrow keys.

Player 2: WASD for simple control of the car

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