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Jab Jab Boxing

Jab Jab Boxing

Put on your gloves, enter the Jab Jab Boxing ring, and demonstrate your quick hand strength like a professional boxer! The unusual gameplay requires you to type the correct phrase to win the game. Don't squander time, or your opponents may defeat you. Participate and receive sentences to complete; compose them quickly and outperform your opponents. The faster you write, the more damage you inflict on them. The difficulty level will begin to rise as you win the battle.

How To Play

Simple sentences will appear on the screen, and you must write them down using the keyboard in order to hit your opponent. Be cautious, because the opponent fighters are incredibly strong and will seize any opportunity to defeat you! Try typing words quickly and correctly to keep this from happening. If you make a mistake, you must remove the incorrect words and try again. You can find your health bar in the top-left corner of the screen. Track and accelerate swiftly to get opponents down to the ring first.

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