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Head Soccer: Euro 2020 Game

Head Soccer: Euro 2020 Game

Head Soccer: Euro 2020 Game attracts attention in the online football world with its dynamic and powerful gameplay. Choose the appropriate game mode to diversify your challenges. Easily select your favorite country and football player to start the mission. Use your foot to kick the ball to successfully score a goal straight into your opponent's net. 

Outstanding features

  • There are many diverse game modes to choose from, such as a two-player game or a new champion.
  • You have the right to choose your favorite football player character or favorite football country.
  • Head the ball easily to make every shot clear. 

Tips to play

  • The game easily exposes players of any age to the world of online football. 
  • Take on competitive missions against attractive AI opponents and practice your kicking ability. 
  • Good control of the character's flexible movements will make it easy to hit the ball.

How To Play

  • Player 1: Control the character to move and jump easily with the arrow keys, and kick the ball through the P key.
  • Player 2: The character controls flexibly via the WASD keys and shoots the ball when pressing the space key.

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