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Goal Finger Football

Goal Finger Football

Unlock exciting new features with Goal Finger Football, a tabletop soccer game that involves kicking the ball into the goal. A barrier appears, and will the player find the right strategy? Practice a lot to discover tricks and break down defenders. Diverse playing field designs and shot locations. The game brings together all the skills of strategy, shot power, and shot position. Adapt to every situation and become the best in the field of football.

Outstanding features

  • The game has a variety of levels with increasingly challenging designs that are worth looking forward to.
  • There is flexibility in playing style and where to shoot the ball at goal.
  • Practice regularly to find a successful method of breaking down the defense and successfully kicking the ball into the goal.

How To Play

Drag to choose a position for the ball to make different shots. There are diverse levels, so players of any age can easily participate. Be entertained for hours right on the website.

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