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Global Hoops Pro

Global Hoops Pro

Can you easily succeed when you shoot the ball consecutively straight into the Global Hoops Pro basket? Practice more advanced basketball shooting skills with one shot. As a person who is passionate about the world-famous NBA tournament, you should not miss the game. Throw the ball to the level that, no matter where you are, you can throw accurately. A straight line of sight is what needs to be done to score points. If the ball falls out just once, you will fail the mission immediately.


  • The game can help you practice shooting basketball regularly in certain positions.
  • Absolute accuracy is required because if you don't hit the basket just once, you will fail.
  • The game simulates the distance and height of an ideal basketball court.
  • Get a taste of a new role in a world-famous sport.

How To Play

Drag the mouse to create a curve for the shadow to move. Choose the appropriate throwing force for the standing position.

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