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BaseBall Hit Game

BaseBall Hit Game

Compete and demonstrate your superior baseball throwing talents against opponents in the BaseBall Hit Game. The greater the score, the stronger the force. The tournament takes place in 60 seconds. The person with the highest score wins. The game is played in a one-on-one manner. The precise moment to swing the stick to hit the ball is critical to success. A tall skyscraper serves as the objective location for the ball to move to after each shot. The more windows of a structure you successfully destroy, the greater your win rate.

How To Play

  • The ball moves in a variety of ways, which can be straight lines or arcs.
  • Simply swing the club accurately at the ball and you will easily receive bonus points.
  • CPU opponents will have excellent accuracy for each shot, so don't miss the ball too much.
  • For a higher success rate, you should identify exactly when to swing the club and place the ball.
  • One click equals one swing of the club.

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