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Football Stars Championship

Football Stars Championship

Football Stars Championship season has already begun, and now is your chance to showcase your kicking ability. When you can trick the goalkeeper with every shot, defensive barriers are ineffective. When shooting, use your skill to direct the ball and choose a spot. The appropriate strength and skill level determine the shot's success. Many times, a little luck will help you win with your squad. Participate in fresh and fascinating simulation soccer challenges. Get acquainted with more soccer training exercises.

How To Play

Each squad begins with three members. Unlock ability cards to defeat your opponents. Unlock power cards simultaneously, and kick the ball into your opponent's goal to get points. Furthermore, when you open all three cards with the same image, the ball moves steadily towards your opponent's field. At the same time, attack the opposing goal to capitalize on scoring possibilities. Leading your opponents at the end of the rounds will get you closer to victory. Discover different gameplay types and master the art of effective match control.


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