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Fire Balls

Fire Balls

Take on the challenge of firing into the middle of a Fire Balls tower and causing it to collapse. As the tiles rotate around, avoid obstacles and gather diamonds. The game creates a number of difficult stages with a variety of tower forms. The goal is to successfully force the tower to collapse while ignoring the obstructing blocks. This game needs good judgment and quick shooting speed. How many of these thrilling levels can you finish?


  • Many tower designs feature a range of colors.
  • To bring the tower down, each level must make at least two journeys.
  • Get diamonds with good results and explore the levels below.
  • Colorful 3D graphics create an open and cheerful environment in which to play.

How To Play

It is the polar opposite of taking the ball jumping from the top to the bottom. Use a specific distance and shoot marbles to progressively topple the tower. Shoot the spot containing diamonds from the base of the tower to the top of the tower. If you wish to fire marbles indefinitely, click the mouse.

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