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Egg Adventure

Egg Adventure

Egg Adventure shows off top logical thinking skills when successfully solving the puzzle and unlocking the door. Understand the task clearly so you can predict the answer based on clues. Use a pen to draw a path for the egg to successfully move to the door. Each execution takes 5 seconds. It is necessary to create a road that is short and has a suitable slope. Just one second of delay can cause the mission to fail. The graphics are simple and focus on the main subjects. Each action is used through the brush. Diverse levels and increasing difficulty as you go deeper. Just one stroke can determine the success or failure of the mission. How many rounds can you conquer?

How To Play

Use the mouse to create moving paths for the eggs. Determine the height of the fork and the slope of each terrain. Each round has diversity in the paths to conquering the mission. Observe quickly and figure out what type of road needs to be taken. 

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