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Doodle Baseball

Doodle Baseball

Doodle Baseball offers a realistic simulation game on the field filled with nostalgia. Feel the spin of the ball when your opponent throws it to your hitting position. Just hit accurately to successfully perform the 'run'. Team members take turns taking turns hitting the ball and running to the pins. The runner will try to run towards goal 1. If he successfully gets there, he will be 'safe' and otherwise he will be 'out'. Better understand the rules of the famous baseball game through this exciting simulation game.

One of the things that makes Doodle Baseball so fun is its simple yet addictive gameplay. A completely new playground design with a familiar school theme. Perform the simple task of just swinging the club and hitting it successfully. The positions of your team's players rotate flexibly. Play and watch this exciting match.


  • The game design has a clear style with cute features of objects that often appear on school campuses.
  • The gameplay of baseball is recreated according to the rules.
  • Impressive graphic design using bright and dynamic colors is suitable for competitive situations.

How To Play

Get ready for an exciting adventure in a colorful world of polishing missions. Align exactly where the ball and club touch to click, and hit it far away.

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