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Death Ball

Death Ball

The spectacular online survival combat is taking place directly on the Death Ball competition field. Prepare to toss the ball hard at your opponents and send everyone flying. Participate in interesting sporting competitions! Many exciting stages await you ahead, in which you must hurl the ball at your opponents until only one contender remains in the arena. If you want to unwind and have some fun in your spare time, this game is ideal!

How To Play

Control the character using the virtual joystick or arrow keys. Approach the ball and pick it up. Then wait a few seconds for the throw to achieve a specific speed. Then release the ball and launch it toward your opponent. A charged attack causes far more damage than a conventional throw. Select the appropriate trajectory to attack many opponents at the same time. You will gain coins for winning battles, which you can then use to unlock new, unique looks. Score as many points as possible in each round to take the top spot in the standings.

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