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Cluster Rush

Cluster Rush

Cluster Rush is an exciting first-person platformer game, which you have to get past a world full of truck obstacles. From the first-person view, you have to slide and hold on to avoid falling as you jump from one truck to the next. Don't be fooled-the game starts out easy, so you can get used to how it's played. Soon, the task will get harder, testing how quick you are to move, coordinate, and think.

Different amounts of difficulty

The game has 35 levels that will test how well you can focus and respond quickly. Each level has tougher problems that will keep you interested and amused. To quickly get a feel for how the game feels, the first levels will provide an overview. The challenge will be tough, and you will need to be quick, coordinated, and able to respond quickly to things that happen.

How To Play

It is easy to jump, slide, and hold on to the truck because the controls are very simple. The game can be played on many different types of gadgets. Now you can control the game with the arrow keys or the AD key and take on fun tasks. When you press the J or space key, make sure the character jumps at the right time.​

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