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Super Soccer Noggins - Xmas Edition

Super Soccer Noggins - Xmas Edition

Welcome to Super Soccer Noggins - Xmas Edition, the holiday version of the famous skill game for two people. Join famous football players from around the world as they compete in international events to ring in the new year. There are many different kinds of games that get harder over time that are sure to interest you.

Various game plays

As the player starts out in football, he gets to experience a number of exciting foreign tournaments. Each tournament provides a fun challenge on a variety of carefully planned landscapes. It clearly shows the features of each game mode. From snow-covered fields to holiday-themed grounds that are ready to party. Different landscapes capture the spirit of the holiday season and give the game world more depth and variety. The difficulties that the different terrains offer are not only nice to look at, but they also add to the game's immersive and interactive elements.

Different tournaments

You can choose from six different events, so you'll have lots of chances to show off your skills. Score points against the other players to show that you are the best player on the field. As players try to beat their opponents' scores, each competition turns into an exciting test of speed and skill. Pay close attention to what your opponent is doing, and protect well. There are so many tournaments to choose from that every player can find one that fits their style and tastes.

The Christmas spirit

Players are welcome to enjoy the thrill of international events. Even though the fields are covered in snow and people are getting ready to dress up in fun Christmas clothes. Make your mark in six exciting and different tournaments by navigating different terrain and beating competitive tasks.


A joyful football game for two players that takes place during the holiday season.Players can meet famous players and show off their skills in foreign tournaments.This version has six different tournaments, and each one has its own settings and tasks that make the game more fun.

How To Play

The figure can be moved around easily by pressing the arrow keys. When you press the spacebar, jump up. If you head the ball over your opponent's field, you will get points.

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