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Street FreeKick 3D

Street FreeKick 3D

Begin practicing right away to enhance your kicking skills, passing defenses, and goal-scoring abilities in Street FreeKick 3D. Set in a vibrant street scene to generate entertaining matches. Join the exciting street competition with your favorite player character. Overcome all obstacles and goalkeepers to shoot the ball accurately. Experiment with different shooting positions and create stunning images. Your ability to play soccer will progressively improve.

How To Play

The game has numerous levels; in each area, you must score a set number of points to move on to the next level. You only get two chances to make mistakes. If the player kicks the ball or misses the goal, you will lose one ball, leaving you with only two. If you lose those two balls and do not score enough points, you must restart the level. Kick the ball with the right force and slope to reach the goal's steepest points. Turn the ball so the defender cannot catch it. Get the highest score by completing all of your shots. Best wishes, and enjoy your exciting new trip!

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