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Spaceman Escape Adventure

Spaceman Escape Adventure

The Spaceman Escape Adventure takes you on an enthralling journey into the vastness of endless space, assisting stranded astronauts. Find difficult keys, overcome obstacles, and overcome endless currents to reach the goal location. Cross the edge of space with a variety of difficult levels that require smart thinking.

Face formidable hurdles in the universe

Spaceman Escape Adventure takes a keen sense of strategy as players face a variety of challenges. From cunning traps to barriers, all require players to beat with skill and precision. Skillfully get through tough situations among the stars in the mysterious space beyond.

Outstanding features

  • New space adventure: Get ready for a very different and exciting space adventure. Set amid the mysteries of space, make an exciting journey to another world.
  • Beating obstacles: In the middle of a vast paradise, players are tasked with beating countless obstacles that appear. Each obstacle brings a clear sense of challenge, forcing players to respond quickly.
  • Navigating the currents: As players chart their path through the cosmic terrain, they face threatening currents. Determine a means to navigate it without difficulty.

How To Play

Move the character through different map areas when pressing the WASD keys or arrow keys.

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