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Skibidi Toilet Soccer

Skibidi Toilet Soccer

In Skibidi Toilet Soccer, the highly popular character Skibidi has an intriguing combination of soccer games. Change into a skilled goalkeeper and stop the opponent's ball.

Skibidi's soccer training with ball-blocking moves is a lot of fun. You improve your observation and movement skills to effectively get your opponent's ball out of the goal. The higher the achievement score, the better the character guards the goal. The game still adheres to soccer rules. The ball can tilt in any way, and your task is to control the player character to prevent the ball. Make decisions based on your ability to observe.


  • Graphic design on the football field with realistic details
  • The sound is accurate for the ambiance of a live match.
  • Characters have flexible movements that are simple to manipulate when performing moves.

How to play

Follow the on-screen directions and use your mouse to complete actions.