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Mr Bean Jump

Mr Bean Jump

With Mr Bean Jump, the popular British sitcom character, has made his mobile gaming debut. In order to set a record-breaking high score in this entertaining and addictive game, you must jump on moving blocks and climb as high as you can. You can unlock amusing clothes and caps with every successful jump. Create a distinctive character using your own aesthetic.

A game including a variety of obstacles

Precise timing is necessary to prevent slipping off the block and hitting the ground. The game gets harder as you go higher, but the prizes are definitely worth the effort. To make Mr. Bean stand out from the crowd, you can acquire various costumes and hats with every new level.

Easy and appealing gameplay

The show's whimsical atmosphere is captured in the vibrant and colorful graphics of the game. It is easy for everyone to use and play because of the straightforward and intuitive controls. However, don't let the game's apparent simplicity deceive you; it is actually quite challenging and will keep you playing.

Playing advice for the game

  • The timing is crucial: The goal of the game is to time your jumps just so. To prevent sliding off the block and onto the ground, time your jump correctly.
  • Get cool new clothes and hats from the show: You can get new clothing and headgear with every successful jump. Thus, keep going higher to get further incentives.

How To Play

Make the character jump really high, time their jump perfectly.

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