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Heads Arena Soccer All Stars

Heads Arena Soccer All Stars

Heads Arena Soccer All Stars continues to invite players to explore the diverse gameplay of the 2-player game genre with famous soccer teams. There are 13 excellent teams ready for players to choose from and participate in the match. Embark on a journey to victory in a new role by heading the ball ahead of your opponents' score. Prepare to accompany the excellent leaders of the teams.

Choose simple game mode

Opponents can easily choose for you to practice your soccer techniques. Whether the opponent is AI or a friend, the appeal of the match does not change. You definitely need to flexibly control the character and successfully head the ball into the opponent's court. Control the field and master the ball's passing to create successful headers.

Impressive features

  • Diverse modes to choose from let players experience the unique appeal of the 2-player genre with a soccer theme.
  • Use your head to control the entire journey in a thrilling soccer match.
  • Easily choose your favorite player to create a satisfying competition in terms of both viewing and winning.

How To Play

The character needs to run flexibly to positions on the field when moving with the WASD keys and head the ball easily with the space key.

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