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Halloween Head Soccer

Halloween Head Soccer

soccer competition will liven up the Halloween Head Soccer festival. Choose a game option and hit the ball directly into the goal for the highest score and victory. The game is intriguing when the concepts of football and Halloween are combined with the rules of the two-player genre. There are two simple modes to choose from: one player or two players. Win by defeating your opponents before the match timer runs out.

Characters can role-play as zombies, Frankenstein, mummies, witches, or vampires based on Halloween themes. The ambiance of the competition area will emphasize this lively atmosphere. It's worthwhile to look forward to thrilling competitions.

How to play

Single-player mode

  • Maneuver your character; use the ARROW KEYS.
  • Kick the ball and score goals with the Z and X keys.

Two-player mode:

  • Player 1: Move with the WASD keys and shoot with N and M.
  • Player 2: Move with the ARROW keys and shoot with 1, 2.
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