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Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite

Do you want a game that combines skill challenges with engaging gameplay? Geometry Dash Lite is an arcade game that is both simple and interesting. The game is a free version based on Geometry Dash, a popular original rhythm game.

The game is a rhythm-based action platformer with a large number of levels. There are a variety of obstacles to avoid, including spikes, saws, gates, and gravity switches. Depending on the level, the character the user controls is either a square block or a ship. The goal is to jump and move through the portals without getting stuck.

Beautiful graphics with a variety of neon light designs or complementary colors. Music that has been expertly created. Furthermore, Geometry Dash Lite distinguishes by allowing to modify the character or icon speed as well as select the game mode.

How to play

Jump or soar your way through the rings with ease.

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