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Dunk Fall

Dunk Fall

Skillfully handle the situation when the basketball is dangling from the string to fall accurately into the scoring basket in Dunk Fall. The higher the ball enters the basket, the higher the corresponding score. The game is designed in a simple way but with more advanced difficulty levels. A ball hanging on a string hits back and forth. Players just need to click on the screen to determine the landing point for the ball. However, only if the ball is thrown accurately into the basket will it pass the hoop. Each play has a maximum of three times when the ball goes out. When the limit is exceeded, of course, you need to start again. The position of the goalpost is not stationary. It changes at different levels. The hanging ball moves left and right continuously. The falling position is important so that the ball does not bounce out. Set your own record with a very high score.

How to play

On-screen instructions follow.

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