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Basket Battle

Basket Battle

Basket Battle is ready to precisely throw the ball into the basket in order to win three points. Block the opponent's ball and accurately put the ball in the hoop. The game is intriguing due to its novel gameplay. Each level features a distinct opponent. The main goal is to score baskets and get three points ahead of the opponent. Only when you win will you be easily exposed to increasingly difficult levels.

How To Play

The character moves autonomously and may toss the ball from any location. The ability to control the correct throwing position is essential for success. Your opponent is also throwing the ball while you are. Can throw the ball to obstruct the opponent's ball movement.

Drag the mouse to determine the direction of each toss. Throwing from an elevated position makes it easier to score. Throughout the competition, work on your observation and response skills. 

The game is really fun, and you can take on more challenges with other games, like: Free Kick Master, Tiny Football Cup, Playoff Basketball.

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