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Angry Chibi Run

Angry Chibi Run

Angry Chibi Run travels through bustling streets with an endless running path filled with threats to overcome. Run fast and jump over locations, successfully overcoming hurdles. The deeper you go on the endless road, the more challenges increase, and the running speed also increases. React quickly and observe to promptly respond to unexpected events. 

Outstanding features

  • Urban landscape: Just press start, and players will come to a realistically portrayed city world. From buildings, people, objects, or moving vehicles. The bustling scene creates a better atmosphere for the challenge process.
  • Diverse obstacles: Not only objects appearing on the road need to be avoided, but also vehicles. The chase is exhilarating, with rapidly rising energy levels. The more at stake, the more heightened the excitement.

How To Play

All controls are simplified to create flexibility for the character. WASD keys or arrow keys for controlling actions. Play now and collect the rewards that appear on the track.

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