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2048 Ball Buster

2048 Ball Buster

2048 Ball Buster is a fascinating number-related puzzle game with stunning graphics and a scientific concept. Select a spot and combine balls of the same number to make a greater number. You will appreciate the clear graphic structure and straightforward rules that make for an engrossing playing experience. 2048 Ball Buster is a game inspired by the popular logic game 2048. The intriguing aspect is that the numbered balls will move and change positions. When a number falls, the larger numbers that follow generate a thrust and take the place of the previous number.


  • There exists an obligation for players to complete the synthesis of numbered balls in each round.
  • You can see the number on the next ball, so arrange it to make room for the number.
  • The following levels expand on the numbers that must be synthesized.

How To Play

Place the colorful balls in the wooden tray. When two balls with the same number come into contact with each other, they combine to form a larger ball. Continue matching the balls until the value of the ball bonded to the lock is reached. Success unlocks the next level and increases the challenge's difficulty.

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